MentorLearn Photography with Me

Option 1: All inclusive- Bring a friend, we will do a shoot with a professional model. Afterwards, we will edit all of the images. I will give you tips and tricks for shooting, editing, marketing, and any other things you want to know about. I’m an open book. All information on Option 2,3, 4 included.  $700

Option 2: Shooting/Editing- 2 hours one on one. We will shoot for an hour, and edit the images we took during that hour. Learn how to use photoshop and how to make your images clean and beautiful. Editing from option 3 included. $500

Option 3: Editing- 1.5 hours of one on one editing. I’ll give you my preset and teach you how to get that clean, bright look. Learn both Lightroom and Photoshop. Together we’ll learn how to make your workflow more efficient, master color in your photos, and get clean whites and deep blacks. Learn basic retouching, create actions(save your edits), and make your images sharp. Comes with my presets and a post class worksheet. $350

Option 4: Shooting- 1 hour of one on one shooting. Learn the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Learn to shoot at anytime of the day in any kind of light. Learn to create that background blur. Comes with my equipment recommendations and a post class worksheet. $350

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